Virtualoso® Guitar Screen Dumps

This page contains small screen captures of some of the Virtualoso® Guitar windows. By clicking on any of these images you will open a medium resolution version of the image. You can also see a medium-high resolution image of the Fretboard.

Explore Music

Shows you the Equivalent Representations of Pitch (Names, Notation, Frets and Sound)

Click on the Guitar to show a screen dump displaying Natural Harmonics.

Allows you to construct intervals and chords and play them.

Explore Chords

Shows you Chords on the fretboard, allows you to move the "Form" to the next easily played position or one fret at a time.

Explore Scales

Shows you Scales on the fretboard, allows you to move the "Form" one fret at a time up and down the fretboard
screen dumps also exist for the following windows...

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