Virtualoso® Guitar Product History

Version 5.5 - Full CD quality samples with harmonics, Java Virtual Machine included, InstallShield installer... 2001

Version 5.0 - Java based music theory application framework with pluggable instrument design (i.e., not specific to guitar), 16-bit color 3D rendering, Right/Left Handed, multiple resolutions, 'Sonava' Anti-aliased music font (also developed by RubyCliff). The best software abstraction of a guitar in existence, with high quality sampled sounds including Natural Harmonics, and natural 3D view.

Version 4.5 - Mac Symantec C++ with TCL application framework, rendered fretboard, 1995

Version 4.0 - Mac Symantec C++, Interval Name testing 1994

Version 3.0 - Mac Think C application, completely rewritten 1993

Version 2.0 - DOS 16 colors, 3D projected and rotatable fretboard 1991

Version 1.0 - UNIX based VT-100 graphics. Horizontal fretboard 1990

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